Martial arts schools raises $21,578 for hurricane relief

| 07 Nov 2017 | 12:23

— With more than 300 children and adults in attendance, United Martial Arts Centers generated $21,578 for Save the Children at the 2017 Break a Thon Tournament.
“While we test our skills in Taekwondo and strive to reach our full potential," Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella, owner and founder of United Martial Arts Centers, said in his press release detailing the achievement, "United Martial Arts Centers has earned its Black Belt in supporting the community for the past 25 years.
"UMAC sizes up a difficult opponent, execute our actions with honor (Helping others in need) and increase our strength by building the best team of goodhearted warriors around, the noble spirits of United Martial Arts Centers," he added.
4,000 boards"We have broken boards with our bare hands, and sometimes we have to overcome adversity and challenges as we watch people close to our heart having their lives devastated by a hurricane," Ciarfella said. "This is why UMAC goes above and beyond the call of duty to break more than 4,000 boards for Save the Children Hurricane Relief at the Break-a-thon and collected a wealth of lifesaving resources for the people affected by this disaster.
"For all that the students, instructors, participants, fundraisings, and supports have done for Save the Children," he concluded, "we offer our most sincere bow."
Essential informationFor information about United Martial Arts Centers, go to or or call 845-987-1853.