Joe Amaturo: Candidate for Village of Warwick trustee

| 16 Feb 2022 | 09:35

What incident, circumstance or other motivation prompted you to run?

I have seen too many candidates run on improving the infrastructure within the village (Water, Sidewalks, etc.) and nothing get done. On West Street, I see the dangers of kids walking to and from school in the street and not on sidewalks. I witness the deterioration of the village sidewalks and pathways because they are neglected, all due to attention focused on Main Street.

I have been through several summers of ‘brown’ water and see the need for serious efforts toward the water infrastructure. I feel there is a lack of true leadership, transparency, and drive of our elected officials to do best for all village residents and not only those on Main Street.

What, specifically and concretely, would be your primary goals to accomplish if you win?

I would start by bringing in conservative fiscal responsibility by reviewing the current budget and dissecting it, line-by-line. The biggest asset I bring is my servant leadership and fiduciary skill set. I know that we have to put the needs of the people above all, and provide better transparency when it comes to spending tax dollars.

I will look to cut current wasteful spending and allocate funds to projects that benefit all village needs. These projects will service the people outside Main Street, who have been neglected for years. Includes: walkways, streets, drainage and infrastructure. Also tightly manage projects that use tax dollars wisely. Using technology so people of the village can see project updates and where money is spent.

What experience, education or other factor gives you the ability to be skillful in this office and accomplish your goals?

I obtained my sense of duty and giving back from my many years of military service. I completed my BS in Business Management and MBA in Finance. I currently work as a Project Manager on multi-million dollar construction and IT projects. I am responsible for millions of dollars and accounting for every dollar spent to my stakeholders. I understand village money comes from the hardworking village residents who want accountability when it comes to spending their money.

What would be your strategy?

I will bring in conservative, fiscally responsible and fair values back to the village and not just empty political promises.

I am not a politician, so I will truly work for the people and putting the needs of the tax paying individuals first. Making sure money is not wasted on “pet projects” or only on Main Street.