Hugs for Courage delivers ‘Labor Day’ BBQ lunches for seniors

Warwick. More than 400 prepackaged meals prepared and donated by Warwick business owner.

| 08 Sep 2020 | 02:14

On Sunday and Monday, September 6 and 7, Hugs for Courage distributed more than 400 prepackaged “Labor Day” BBQ lunches donated by Stephen Kitar, owner of Sam’s Meat Warehouse in the Village of Florida, to Warwick seniors as a symbol of gratitude for being key members of the community.

Hugs for Courage visited Liberty Green, Devon Woods, Burt Farms and Creekside apartments.

‘A humbling experience’

“Many seniors were extremely excited, waiting for us to arrive,” said Carmela Borrazas, cofounder of Hugs for Courage. “It was amazing to see them so happy. At the same time, we saw some of them very surprised and, immediately, they broke down into tears because, due to the quarantine, they had not been able to leave their homes at all.

“It is such a humbling experience,” Borrazas added, “to see how something as small as providing someone with a meal can make such a big impact.”

She added that many of these seniors are veterans or retired first responders.

‘This is so much needed’

The members of Hugs for Courage wanted to help continue to provide them a sense of community, a social life that empowers and energizes them.

“This is so much needed,” said Borrazas, “especially, after the hard times that they had to endure during this horrible pandemic. We were blessed to have the opportunity to recognize and celebrate our seniors. Thank you so much to Stephen and his beautiful family for all the hard work cooking all the meals; to our amazing veterans, Don Grenier and Rosemary Decker; to our beloved seniors Kathe McHugh, Phyllis Adamik Ryan, Denise Puryear; and to our amazing volunteers, Lisa King Morgan, E-J Holts and Mario Mejia.”

- Roger Gavan