'Her favorite thing is color'

Warwick: Warwick Valley School District Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Cate Jacob

| 16 Mar 2020 | 01:27

Sanfordville Elementary School second grader Cate Jacob enjoys drawing and likes the process of completing complicated works of art.

She feels at home in her art classes at school, at least in part because she has her own art room at home.

“My dad, my mom and I all cleaned this room out that we had," Cate said. “And after we cleaned it out, we were thinking about what to make it. Then we thought of an art room for me. We filled it with art supplies and got two desks and a chair.”

Artwork that Cate does at school and at home ends up in a big folder in the art room. Cate also sometimes brings art she did at home to school to hang in the art room.

“Cate comes to art class every day with a big smile on her face,” said Sanfordville art teacher Leah Mednick. “She loves to draw, cut and design, but her favorite thing is color. Cate is insightful and loves to discuss artwork. She is helpful to me and always kind to other students.”

Art is Cate’s favorite class, drawing is her favorite activity and dogs are her favorite animals and her favorite thing to draw. She has drawn many pictures of her dog, Kona.

“I like art because it’s just like all the colors and all the stuff that you do,” Cate said. “Every time we have art, you do something and you don’t finish it. It takes a long time, but when you finish it, it just looks really pretty. I started doing art when I was four years old. My mom used to love art when she was little and she used to be great at art. We put her stuff (from when she was young) in my art room, too.”

Mednick said Cate always chooses to make art on Fun Fridays and has a positive attitude even when something seems difficult.