Helping Hands for Puerto Rico

| 28 Sep 2017 | 06:22

— Latino leaders are joining hands with Hudson Valley religious groups, local unions, community outreach organizations and government officials to ease the suffering of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents.
Helping Hands for Puerto Rico has partnered with cutting-edge disaster relief technology companies whose products are in-place throughout the world to provide portable lighting, heating, cell-phone recharging station and water decontamination equipment.
Getting technology in the hands of that cut-off from electricity, clean water and communication will help re-connect those who are suffering with families and government services as they come back on-line.
Helping Hands for Puerto is also coordinating drop-off locations for donations of clothing, food and other much need items.
Working with the First Lady of Puerto RicoUnidos por Puerto Rico will serve as the direct link to send money to. Founded by the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rossello, every dollar donated stays in Puerto Rico where it can do the most good. We have partnered with the world leaders in personal disaster relief equipment – LuminAid (as seen on Shark Tank), BioLife and Life Straw to provide Puerto Rican-based relief agencies with their products.
“We cannot wait,” said State Supreme Court Justice Maria Vazquez-Doles and Orange County Commissioner of Health Dr. Eli Avila. “Our goal is to help save lives now! These are our families and friends and fellow Americans. They are cut-off and scared. Giving food, donating money and providing proven disaster relief technology ensures those who now have so little left can take comfort in knowing they are not forgotten. Together, we will help supply the basic needs of heat, light, food and communications. The technology is there - the resources are there- the time to act is now.”
Puerto Ricans and Latinos make up more than 15 percent of Orange County population of 400,000. Many have families right now living in a nightmare.
But they are not alone. Helping Hands for Puerto Rico mission – immediately address the problem of simple survival. Then we will look with an eye on rebuilding Puerto Rico as a symbol pride and hope all Americans can be proud of.
The committeeThe committee members include NYS Supreme Court Judge Maria Vazquez Doles, Rubén Estrada Chairman of the American Latino Coalition, Eli N. Avila MD, JD, MPH, FCLM, Luis Alvarez Chairman of Sullivan County Legislature, Ed Day, Rockland County Executive, Barbara Martinez Director of Communications for Orange County Chamber of Commerce, Harley Doles Town of Monroe Supervisor Rosie Otero-Walsh Wallkill Police Department Youth Coalition and Raymond Collazo, a U.S. Army Veteran.
"I am urging the current administration to remember, 'Are Puerto Ricans truly citizens of the United States? President Trump, do Puerto Rican lives matter?'" asked Estrada, organizer and co-chair of Helping Hands for Puerto Rico. " Support the temporary waiver of the Jones Act so we may get the help we truly need. Now is the time for President Trump’s administration, including FEMA, to step up and show e pluribus unum, out of many one.”
Congressmen John Faso Sean Patrick Maloney are also among those who have committed and are in support of Helping Hands for Puerto Rico.
Listed below are additional groups and organizations involved in the Helping Hands for Puerto Rico effort;
Affinity Health Plan, La Fonda Boricua, New Vision housing development PLC, 116th Block Association Board, Prestige Adult Daycare, Empanada Master, Filmlinkup, Innovative Property Management Company, New Look Construction, Children Future Foundation, Salcare Homecare Attendant Agency, El San Juan Restaurant, Made in Puerto Rico Restaurant Middletown and Bonifacio Senior Housing.
Collection centersFor those that wish to donate and contribute to relief and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico, drop off locations for the shipment of goods can be found at:
• Ebenezer AG Pentecostal Church – 50 East Main St., Middletown.
• Rock of Refuge Church 94 North St. Middletown.
• Affinity Community Service Center 204 North St. Middletown.
• Affinity Community Service Center 149 Broadway Newburgh.
• Radio Vision Cristiana - 419 Broadway, Paterson, N.J.
• Coney Island Tabernacle - 2769 Stillwell Ave., Brooklyn.
• Tesalonica Christian Church - 313 St. Ann’s Avenue, Bronx.
• Rock of Salvation - 131 Cortland Street, Sleepy Hollow.
• Oficina de Distrito - 213 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan.
Essential informationHelping Hands for Puerto Rico coalition members are dedicating themselves to ensure a prosperous and rich future for all those living in Puerto Rico.
Helping Hands for Puerto Rico is currently assisting with relief efforts, more information or to volunteer or email: