Help create a digital walking tour of Warwick

| 15 Oct 2017 | 07:47

— The Warwick Historical Society has received a $5,000 grant from Humanities NY to create a digital walking tour of Warwick.
For many residents and visitors, the historic look and character of Warwick is a magnet.
Some visitors cannot conform to the hours a docent offers walking tours, but will gladly take a smartphone-enabled tour.
The creation of a digital walking tour app available on both Androids and IPhones would allow visitors to learn about the rich history of Warwick at their convenience.
During the conceptual and creation process, volunteers will engage local youth, school faculty and others, to enable them to utilize their own interests and skills in the creation of the app .
Other community members such as seniors, local artists and the Spanish-speaking population will contribute to the project by integrating their interests and perspective.
Select, photograph, narrateSome volunteers will select the historical sites to be featured, others will take photos, still others will narrate descriptions.
For the technology minded volunteers, Project Manager Roger Moss will teach them how to create the logic and the computer code to make the walking tour entertaining and easy to follow.
The tour will take on a feel of a game with a "prize" given to users who answer a certain number of questions. Through use of this app, residents and visitors will learn about the sites, history and rich culture of Warwick.
The app will highlight some of the important historical sites within the town – with narrators, some young, some older, relating the stories or legends pertaining to the site.
The society will be partnering with the Warwick Valley School District to give real-world experience in tech and STEAM, as it integrates with all aspects of developing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This will be done while integrating the STEAM aspects of the project with the humanities with content involving architecture, history, religion, immigration and local culture.
Expanded audience soughtThe society hopes to attract a new, younger and more diverse audience with the creation of this digital app while empowering our local students by including them from the very beginning in the conception and creation of the project.
"We are thrilled to have been awarded this action Grant from Humanities NY," stated Executive Director Lisa-Ann Weisbrod. "This project will be a wonderful community building activity that will help stimulate interest in history while combining STEAM and Humanities education. "
The goal is to have multiple versions of the app geared toward a variety of audiences, such as youth, tourists, and a Spanish language audience.
The society is looking for volunteers to help in a variety of disciplines, such as coding, design, photography, voice-overs, and marketing. No experience is required, workshops will be offered to provide the necessary skills.
Essential informationContact Weisbrod at or by phone 845-986-3236 ex.t 106 for more information or to volunteer.
For more information, visit