GWL under water restrictions after water main leak

| 29 Nov 2017 | 12:17

Water restrictions are in effect across the Village of Greenwood Lake after a water main leak was detected Sunday night.
Village Mayor Jesse Dwyer announced Wednesday morning that the leak has been found and crews are working to install a new length of water main. The project is expected to take several days, Dwyer said in a statement, and the water restrictions are expected to last possibly until Sunday, but that may change.
Residents are urged to reduce water consumption until further notice. Some suggested methods to reduce water use include:
Not using the washing machine unless absolutely necessary;
Not using your dishwasher;
Taking quick showers;
Shutting the water when brushing your teeth; and
Flushing sparingly.
The leak is located under about 50 feet of earth where a potential soccer field was built about 15 years ago, Dwyer said, between the village water towers and Lion’s Field.
Crews determined it is not feasible to dig down 50 feet and patch an 80-year-old cast iron water main, so crews will run a new length of water main between the village water tanks and Lion’s Field, about 700 feet.
“The water restrictions will continue until the process is complete,” Dwyer said, “as we cannot isolate this main 'artery' that feeds the Village with water.”
Once the new main is installed, the Department of Health will require the village to put in place a “Boil Water Alert,” instructing residents to boil water before consuming — a precaution taken whenever installing new water main of this size and scope.
“I would like all residents to keep in mind that this sort of thing happens when you have aging infrastructure,” Dwyer said. “The village has gone through great lengths to replace as much main as possible over the past six years. We have replaced nearly 2,000 feet village-wide.
“The only way to have avoided this situation, however, would have been to replace all water main system-wide costing roughly $50,000,000,” he continued. “To do that proactively is just an impossible task.”
Dwyer also said he would like to personally thank everyone for their cooperation in the water restrictions and patience while the village deals with this very challenging situation.
“We’re all in it together,” he said. “I am personally under the same restrictions as all of you. Big thanks to our Water Department, Phil Landru and Van, for working through the night on trying to resolve this situation.”
Residents can check the Village of Greenwood Lake website and the village Facebook page for updates.