Greg Galluccio declares candidacy for Warwick Town Board

Warwick. The Democrat says he seeks to bring more balance, transparency and accountability to the town board.

| 02 Mar 2021 | 12:13


Seeks to Bring More Balance, Transparency, Accountability to Town Board


Warwick resident Greg Galluccio this week announced his for Warwick Town Board, having received the endorsement of both the Warwick Democratic Committee and the Working Families Party.

If elected in November, Galluccio would be the first non-Republican town board member in 20 years.

“Warwick is not a 100 percent Republican town, so it is vitally important that the Board reflect that,” Galluccio said in the press release detailing his decision. “My candidacy is about making sure town government works for all Warwickians, regardless of party affiliation or any other characteristic. It doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, unaffiliated, conservative, liberal, white, black, Latinx, LGBTQ or a person with disabilities, you deserve good town government.”

To Galluccio, good government means: “we hear your voice and conduct town business in a way that is transparent and accountable.

“As a Democrat,” he added, “I will bring new perspective, energy, skills and resources for a thoughtful, more inclusive approach to governing our town.”

About the candidate

A native New Yorker, Galluccio holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s in international business and is a 35-year veteran of the tech industry.

Galluccio also is passionate about preserving our environment, and spent a large part of his career developing energy efficient technologies and sustainable products such as LED lighting and automated controls.

He has worked with colleagues and clients in more than 25 countries and lived outside the United States for several years.

Greg and his wife, Dixie Comeau, have been residents of the Town of Warwick since 2015. They are both active in the Warwick Town Democratic Committee. They have three grown children.


The Town Board general election is set for Nov. 2.

Register to vote if you haven’t already; if you are registered, make sure your registration information is up to date.

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