Greenwood Lake. The Ladies Auxiliary honor a vet and cop following his retirement

| 21 Sep 2020 | 07:53

The Ladies Auxiliary Unit 1443 and the Catholic Daughters, Court Holy Rosary, hosted a retirement party at the American Legion Post 1443 on Saturday, Sept. 19, to honor Tom O’Hare, a resident of Greenwood Lake who served 32 years with the United States Army and, in between deployments, worked 20 years with NYPD.

O’Hare enlisted at 18 and was subsequently deployed in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, then Somalia, Iraq twice, Afghanistan and Syria before retiring in June 2020 as Master Sergeant (MSG).

He also worked for NYPD in the 75th precinct in Brooklyn and the 44th precinct in the Bronx before retiring in April 2016.

Many of those he served with in both the Army and the Police Department attended this celebration, some coming from as far as Oklahoma and Rhode Island.

O’Hare received a Certificate of Recognition from Greenwood Lake Mayor Jesse Dwyer and a number of handmade cards from local children.

- Alberta McCosh