Greenwood Lake. Scout builds Appalachian Trail backpack lockers at the GWL Public Library as his Eagle Scout service project

| 16 Nov 2021 | 12:32

In collaboration with local Eagle Scout Connor Brennan, the Greenwood Lake Public Library is excited to announce the installation of Appalachian Trail backpack lockers.

The backpack lockers’ purpose is to provide a safe, secure place for thru-hikers to store their belongings while using the library and community resources.

The Appalachian Trail committee estimates thousands of hikers attempt to make the arduous trek from Georgia to Maine each year.

The Village of Greenwood Lake sees a large number of these hikers in search of refreshments and supplies.

The installation of Appalachian Trail backpack lockers will provide these hikers with the freedom to visit more establishments around town.

After design approval from Library Director Jill Cronin, Connor, a scout from Greenwood Lake Troop 121, began fund raising to purchase the needed supplies. Once his goal was reached he built and installed the backpack lockers as his Eagle Scout Service Project.

The free-standing structure is located outside; however, hikers will have to retrieve the key from the library before using.

Each individually numbered space was designed with hiking gear in mind. The lockers are equipped with a battery operated light and a sturdy hook for hikers to hang their gear from.

The Greenwood Lake Public Library welcomes all Appalachian Trail thru-hikers to use the free computers, Wi-Fi, trail maps and backpack lockers while enjoying their visit in the scenic Village of Greenwood Lake.

The library is currently open seven days a week and has many exciting programs for patrons of all ages. For more information, call 845-477-8377.