Greenwood Lake. News digest

| 13 Sep 2021 | 11:18

    Village hydrant flushing begins Sept. 20

    The Greenwood Lake Village Water Department will flush fire hydrants beginning Monday, Sept. 20; flushing will continue through Wednesday, Sept. 22.

    Hydrant flushing is done periodically to flush out any sedimentation that may build up in our water lines.

    During hydrant flushing residents can expect water to be briefly discolored briefly.

    Mayor Jesse Dwyer advises that if you find your water has become discolored, simply flush out your line by running an outside hose or running the cold water in your bathtub. The water will clear up only after we are done flushing so be sure to flush your lines at the end of the day (after 4 p.m.).

    There are about 120 hydrants in the village.


    As part of the lake management plan for Greenwood Lake, a five-foot drawdown of the lake will occur between October 2021 and January 2022.

    The reason for this drawdown is to provide lakefront property owners with the opportunity to repair shoreline properties and conduct other projects necessary to improve water quality and the lake.

    Mayor Jesse Dwyer advises that if you are a village lakefront property owner looking to do work on your shoreline during the drawdown, you will need both a Village and DEC permit.

    Both may be found on the Village website