Greenwood Lake issues water system maintenance alert

Greenwood Lake. The village released its upcoming hydrant flushing schedule by neighborhood.

| 08 Jul 2024 | 03:39

The Village of Greenwood Lake recently announced that the annual flushing of area fire hydrants will take place July 10 through July 12, excluding Saturday and Sunday. The annual flushing procedure cleans the water distribution lines throughout the village.

Here’s the tentative schedule and the affected neighbors per day:

Wednesday, July 10: Victory Acres, Mtn. Lakes Lane, Co. Rt. 5, Windermere Ave (up to the traffic light), all village flats, Linden Ave., and Jersey Ave (if time allows).

Thursday, July 11: Jersey Ave (if not completed on Wednesday), Windermere Park, dead end of Windermere into Greenwood Park, Maple St., Poplar St., Church St., Orchard St. (depending on time), Ten Eyck St. / Sterling St. (depending on time), Edgemere (depending of time).

Friday, July 12: Lakelands, any roads indicated above that were not completed due to time.

Please note that this is a tentative schedule and may be subject to change based on water pressure and unforeseen circumstances. You may experience discolored water during flushing, which is safe for consumption. If you notice discolored water, run your cold tap until the water runs clear.

If you have any questions, contact Village Hall at 845-477-9215.