Greenwood Lake. A great day to be Irish in the village

| 21 Sep 2021 | 04:17

On Sunday, Sept. 19, the Village of Greenwood Lake hosted the Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

As Mayor Jesse Dwyer offered: “It was a great day for the Irish.”

On its Facebook page, village officials recognized those who worked behind the scenes to make the parade happen:

Big thank you to Mathew Buckley for suggesting to the Mid-Hudson Parade Committee to have it in Greenwood Lake when things fell through with Goshen. Not only did Mathew Buckley help secure the parade but he also was in charge of the breakfast before the parade.

Big thank you to Maureen Mulcahy for her parade expertise and help with organizing the day. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with parking.

We are very lucky to have Chief Adam Eirand, who was part of the planning and made it flawless with police, parking and traffic. From obtaining signs, notifying different agencies and residents. Thank you to Greenwood Lake Police Department, Warwick Police Department and Orange County Sheriff’s for your assistance with road closures.

Big thank you to all our sponsors. You helped make this parade a great day for the Village of Greenwood Lake and showing what our village has to offer. To Cars Unlimited for donating the golf carts we used for the day and to Jeff Sarine for helping to secure them for the day. Please tell Steve thank you. They came in very handy.

Thank you to the Greenwood Lake Fire Department for marching and showcasing what we have to offer and allowing us to use your parking if needed for overflow etc. For staging a truck outside the parade in case of an emergency.

To the Greenwood Lake Ambulance Core who was on duty in case needed.

Thank you to the Greenwood Lake School District for allowing parking at the schools and for moving the busses out of the DPW so that we could use the area for additional parking.

Thank you to the American Legion Post 1443 for allowing use of your field for parking

To the GWL DPW for your help with moving bleachers, setting out and picking up the garbage cans and helping with what ever was needed for the day.