Green Team New York Realty donates $500 to non-profits selected by its ‘Citizen of the Year’

Warwick. The Humane Society will use the funds for a new shelter facility; the Warwick Migrant Committee plans the funds to support its Safety Backpack project.

| 23 Mar 2021 | 01:51

The Green Team New York Realty has always attracted high-integrity agents and provided them with cutting edge technology and support.

And recently Principal Broker/Owner Geoff Green and agents of the Green Team celebrated the firm’s annual awards ceremony.

Among those honored at that time was “Green Team New York Realty” Citizen of the Year” winner Carol Buchanan, who was offered an opportunity to name her favorite non-profit organization to share a $500 donation from the firm.

Buchanan choose two: The Warwick Valley Humane Society and the Warwick Area Migrant Committee.

“I’m honored to have received this award and I thank Geoff Green for his generous donation to these organizations,” said Buchanan. “It’s always my pleasure to give back to the Warwick community that has been so good to me and my family. I’ve always admired the work and dedication of Suzyn Barron for the Humane Society as well as Kathy Brieger for her generous support and wonderful programs for the children of migrant workers. Thank you both.”

Safety Backpack project

The Migrant Committee plans to use the funds to support its Safety Backpack project.

“The bright orange bags will be given to 200 farmworkers who walk or ride their bikes to work,” said Brieger. “The bags are packed with safety related items like safety goggles and hand sanitizer.”

The intention of the safety backpacks are to allow drivers to see farm workers as they walk or ride their bikes to work and the date for distribution is April 17.

‘Thanks, Carol, for helping us build a better safe haven’

“The Warwick Valley Humane Society is so honored to receive this donation from Carol for our Building Fund towards a new shelter facility,” said Barron. “On behalf of our homeless pets, we thank her for her generosity in sharing her award of Citizen of the Year with our organization. The current shelter facility is not up to today’s standards in animal sheltering. The new facility will offer a more spacious, healthier, safer and well ventilated building for the animals, staff and visitors. Thanks, Carol, for helping us build a better safe haven for our community’s unwanted, abandoned, and neglected animals.”

- Roger Gavan