Green Screen: Carly Foster, Village of Warwick trustee candidate

| 28 Feb 2022 | 10:12

Carly A. Foster is a professional community and infrastructure planner and grant writer. She is an active volunteer, and sits on the Village Comprehensive Plan Committee.

Responses to Questions

1. 10. Climate adaptation is a big part of my profession. The Village is a small community near a major metropolitan area that is already suffering from increasing risk. We’re seeing intense rainfall, this is true, and that will continue to affect our infrastructure, but in the coming decades, population migration could put the most pressure on the region and our community. People are already moving; this migration will speed up and we already have tensions around this to address.

2. Growth management, land use, walkability, communications infrastructure, sewer and water infrastructure, and growing concerns about affordability. The Planning Committee is looking at all of these. We must work with the town and the county on these issues as we are all interdependent.

3. The village is mostly built out. We may grow due to annexation and in-fill development. We need to protect our parks and better use second story underused spaces. Our vehicle dependence is a tension that needs to be addressed in the village; one cannot walk or bike or take transit to have their basic needs met. On the Comprehensive Planning Committee we are looking at ways to decrease traffic and speed, and increase walkability. Land use management is key to protecting the charm of Warwick.

4. The Village has already done a lot of work towards sustainability. CSC actions can reduce cost and increase quality of life, and help us get preferential scoring for grants (I am a grant writer as well). I am particularly interested in the land use and community engagement segments of the CSC. Those pieces align with our growth needs and protect the character of the Village. With my professional background I can help with the adaptations part of the CSC.