Governor’s executive order prepares for more asylum seekers

State. It will allow for the mobilization of more National Guard members and to quickly react to migrant food and supply needs.

| 17 May 2023 | 02:11

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul issued an executive order last week that she said will allow the state to mobilize more National Guard members and to quickly react to food and supply needs.

The order came days before the U.S. government was scheduled to end Title 42, pandemic-related restrictions on people requesting asylum at the border.

In a statement, Hochul said the order declaring a “state disaster emergency” will allow New York to mobilize an additional 500 members of the National Guard in addition to the roughly 1,000 already providing logistical and operational support. She said it also will allow the state and localities to quickly purchase necessary food and equipment

New York City has already been straining to handle an influx of about 60,000 asylum seekers since last spring. The administration of Mayor Eric Adams has been using hotels within the city to house some migrants. Last week, the administration announced plans to send 300 asylum seekers to two hotels north in Orange County, though County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus filed two lawsuits last week to stop the City of New York from sending migrants and/or asylum seekers to the area.

“New York City should not be establishing a homeless shelter outside of its borders in Orange County,” Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus said. “The city is a self-proclaimed sanctuary city; Orange County is not. We should not have to bear the burden of the immigration crisis that the Federal government and Mayor Adams created, and I will continue to fight for Orange County’s residents in regard to this important manner.”

On May 16, State Supreme Court Judge Sandra B. Sciortino granted Orange County’s application for a Temporary Restraining Order which has stopped Adams from sending asylum seekers to the County for the time being.

New York’s recently approved state budget includes about $1 billion to help New York City with asylum seekers.

Hochul’s order will be in effect through June 8.