Goshen Town planners vote to allow Legoland to provide sneak peek opportunities for occasional opening times

Goshen. When - and whether - that happens depends on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 safety restrictions.

| 23 Nov 2020 | 12:44

Town of Goshen’s Planning Board has passed an amended resolution giving Legoland sneak peek opportunities for occasional opening times.

Planning Board chair Lee Burgess has yet to sign.

Legoland can now schedule sneak peek opening events. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s safety plans could halt the sneak peek Legoland plans.

The degree and extent of COVID-19’s surge in the area will determine the actual execution of any by invitation only sneak peeks.

“In an effort to thank some loyal fans for their support during these challenging and unprecedented times,” Matt Besterman, Legoland’s public relations manager, wrote in an email exchange with the Chronicle, “we have been exploring the possibility of holding an invitation-only event to give them a sneak peek at a small portion of LEGOLAND New York Resort.

“As a first step, we sought and received approval from the Town of Goshen Planning Board for a phased Certificate of Occupancy granting us the approval we’d need for such an event,” Besterman added. “Further, we have reached out to New York State’s Mid-Hudson regional team for guidance and consideration of this request. Given the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, further approval would be required by New York State. At this time, an event in the immediate future would not be permitted but we are open to the possibility when the time is right.”

The resort was initially scheduled to open last Fourth of July. As happened across the state - and the nation for that matter, the outbreak of the coronavirus brought all construction to a halt.

Before this recent surge in the virus, work resumed on the property off Route 17 in the town of Goshen as buildings rose, roads expanded or were created and new traffic plans emerged.

The opening is now delayed until 2021. What’s expected are seven LEGO-themed lands, a resort hotel and 50 kid-centric attractions. The theme park will cover 150 acres of land and be surrounded by 150 additional acres.