'Goodbye dear soldier'

Warwick. Memorial Day Ceremony to honor those who sacrificed their lives held in Veterans Memorial Park.

| 26 May 2020 | 03:54

It has been an especially sad decision, a result of the corona virus pandemic, for veterans, local officials, volunteer firefighters, various other organizations and all those who participate in the traditional parade and ceremonies held every year on Memorial Day.

However on Monday, May 25, American Legion Post 214 Commander Jerry Schacher conducted a brief ceremony featuring his reading of the names of all the comrades who had passed away since last year’s Memorial Day ceremonies.

A Legion member rang a bell after each name.

Anyone following the social distancing and mask regulations was welcome to attend.

Among those present were a small group of veteran from American Legion Post 214, VFW Post 4662 and members of various motor cycle clubs whose missions are to honor the memory of American veterans.

The guest speaker was Warwick Mayor Michael Newhard

“Today,” said Newhard, “due to circumstances our traditions are simplified, distilled to the essential and by doing that they take on a greater meaning.”

He went on to explain that each reading of the name and ringing of the bell represented a life story of individuals who touched our lives.

“With the resonance of each strike of the bell,” said Newhard, “we say goodbye. Goodbye dear soldier, dear patriot, goodbye and thank you.”

- Roger Gavan