Golden Hill essay contest winners recognized by Florida Fire Department

| 26 Nov 2019 | 03:11

Golden Hill Elementary winners of the 2019 Florida Fire Department Essay Contest were revealed and recognized on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

The distinguished writers are Brooke Ehlers, Michael Ferko, Matthew Finnerty, Dominic Reyes, Lauren Scheurmann and Kevin Puglisi.

Student essays answered the question: “What does it take to be a firefighter?"

“I want to thank you and tell you how proud I am of you,” said firefighter Thomas Andryshak who presented the fourth and fifth-grade awardees with commemorative certificates. “I went to school at Golden Hill, and I’m really proud of all and what you’re doing to help prevent fires in our community. We are having a lot less fires in Florida, and that’s because you are all helping us spread fire safety awareness.”

The six honorees were also presented with fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and $50-gift certificates for their holiday shopping.