George and Martha keep coming back

| 24 Jul 2017 | 03:15

— "Hear ye, Hear ye," shouted the "Town Crier," played by Jake Butchko, as he rang his hand held bell and read a proclamation stating the news of the day about an important visitor to Warwick.
On a July day in 1783, General George Washington and his entourage visited Warwick's Baird's Tavern.
And on Sunday, July 23, 2017, the Warwick Historical Society was commemorating the 100th annual George Washington Day in Lewis Park, just across the street from the site of that historic Baird's Tavern complex.
Washington, the commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, had been traveling along Kings Highway at that time on his way back from an important visit with a French military ally in Philadelphia. A meticulous record keeper, Washington recorded this visit in his journal along with an itemized purchase of grog.
The ceremony began with the singing of our National Anthem by Carmine Garritano.
Craft exhibits at the community celebration included a spinning demonstration by Susan Logothetis and hand made custom dolls by Naomi Bush among others.
One demonstrator who would not have been welcome here during the American Revolution was a British grenadier portrayed by Tom Carton, a member of northern New Jersey's 35th Regiment of Foot.
Visitors also enjoyed a surprise visit by George and Martha Washington, as played by Tom Brennan and Linda Blake.
The distinguished visitors first toured the Village of Warwick in a Mustang convertible provided by Leo Kaytes Ford and powered by more horses than the real general and his wife could have ever imagined.
After arriving at Lewis Park and greeting the visitors, they took their seats on a fine rug, as was the custom of that day, and fielded questions from the youngsters present.
The Historical Society of the Town of Warwick believes that an understanding and appreciation of our historic heritage is essential to maintaining a unique and meaningful identity as a community. It's stated mission is to preserve and celebrate the history of the Town of Warwick and its people through a variety of programs aimed at developing an understanding and appreciation of our unique historic heritage.
- Roger Gavan