From war to artful peace: veteran festival coming to Sugar Loaf

Christopher Paul Meyer, founder of Veteran Repertory Theater presented plans and expectations for the Savage Wonder Festival, showcasing veteran art.

| 05 May 2022 | 08:24

The upcoming Savage Wonder Festival met no resistance when it was introduced at the Town of Chester board meeting last week by Christopher Paul Meyer. A veteran himself and founder of Veteran Repertory Theater (VetRep), he predicted that thousands of people would be drawn to Sugar Loaf on Sunday, May 29, for the festival that will include live music, art and performances at Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center.

Veterans Repertory Theater aims to give veterans a voice and artistic outlet after returning from war to civilian life. The Festival itself will feature veteran musicians with signed record deals, live performances, spoken word, poetry and an art gallery, Meyer said. They will use the indoor and outdoor spaces and three stages at the SLPAC.

Meyer, artistic director of the festival, said that he left his military career for this venture and wants this event to be “the Mecca for veterans in the arts” for years to come. All proceeds will go to three local nonprofit veteran organizations, he said and predicted that the event will stimulate the local economy.

The festival will coincide with the Sugar Loaf Spring Festival, where local businesses and vendors will have their goods for sale. The small hamlet of Sugar Loaf can expect anywhere from five to ten thousand visitors between noon and 10 p.m. on May 29, Meyer said, noting that local businesses and the Sugar Loaf Chamber of Commerce are planning for this influx of people. Tickets and more information on acts and scheduling are available at