Farmers market friction at Village board meeting

Concerns about Warwick Valley Farmers Market traffic and parking were discussed, as were park facility use application and deposit fees and plans for National Night Out.

| 13 Jun 2022 | 03:21

Three people brought complaints about the Warwick Valley Farmers Market to the Village of Warwick board meeting last week. The market takes up parking spaces needed for other businesses, and the foot traffic interferes with car traffic, they said. One noted that the Village receives no money from the market, while its merchants profit. They suggested fencing to guide foot traffic and possibly moving the farmers market to the Chase Bank parking lot.

However, Mayor Michael Newhard pointed out that the market draws customers to other businesses nearby, and the market’s business had been increased substantially by the pandemic.

“If it wasn’t for the farmers market, some businesses wouldn’t be open on Sundays,” he said, but noted that discussions about the issues brought up would be arranged with farmers market representatives.

Application and security deposit fees

From the previous meeting, trustees resumed discussing whether Village application fees and deposits for park facility uses should be waived for particular organizations. Those included Warwick police and fire departments, Warwick Fire District, Warwick Community Ambulance Service and Albert Wisner Public Library.

“It creates more barriers which I don’t think these municipal organizations really need to deal with,” said Trustee Thomas McKnight.

The board approved a motion to waive their application and deposit fees.

The motion was approved, 3-2, as Trustees Carly Foster and Thomas McKnight and Mayor Michael Newhard voted yes; Deputy Mayor Barry Cheney and Trustee Corey Bachman voted no.

Night Out preparations

Warwick Valley Prevention Coalition and Warwick Police Department are partnering to host National Night Out on a larger scale than previous years, Police Chief John Rader said . In the past, the event was held at the Warwick Community Center. This year the two groups came to the Village of Warwick board to get approval for a larger event at Memorial Park.

“It is a night where the community and law enforcement and other community members can engage in fun events,” said Police Chief Rader.

After discussion and an explanation of event activities, the board expressed support for the initiative, as the formal applications are being processed.

The next Village board meeting will be on June 27, at 7:30 p.m., rather than June 20, Newhard announced.