Elizabeth Knight named this year's Queen for a Day

WARWICK. Celebration held in spite of heavy rain.

| 26 Aug 2019 | 02:16

On Thursday evening, Aug. 22, Mayor Michael Newhard and Ladies Night Out event chair Corrine Iurato continued a longtime tradition when they crowned this year's "Queen for a Day," Elizabeth Knight, who has an extraordinary record of supporting the community.

It was the 19th anniversary of this special event held during Warwick's 22nd annual celebration of Ladies Night Out.

As usual, Newhard, braving a late and somewhat heavy rain under an umbrella, read the winning nomination letter, which was written this year by Deanne Singer.

"What an impact she has made on our town since she arrived,' Singer wrote.She went on to report activities and leadership roles Knight had taken since she arrived in Warwick only six years ago. They included Too Good to Toss, Repair Café, Sustainable Warwick and numerous other causes.

"Elizabeth is kind and approachable and seriously gives credit to those she works with," wrote Singer. "She is modest and does not seek publicity for her many efforts and truly wants to make this world a better place for others."

The annual "Queen for a Day," winner also receives a valuable assortment of gift certificates and merchandise from Warwick business owners. Participating merchants donate more than $1,500 in gifts and services.

And during the ceremony, Newhard also read the names of approximately 80 local businesses and organizations that had contributed. Vogel & Moore Insurance, for example, traditionally donates the crown.

Nomination applications are made available each year at downtown shops and anyone who believes he or she knows a person who deserves the crown is invited to participate.

Members of the Warwick Merchants' Guild then review the nominations and select the winner at a special meeting before "Ladies Night Out."

- Roger Gavan

Warwickian Royalty
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