'Do It For Dale' concert raises $7,000 for proposed GWL Skatepark

| 22 Aug 2017 | 02:10

— On Sunday, Aug. 13, the non-profit GWL Skatepark Corp. hosted its inaugural fund-raising event with the “Do It For Dale!” concert.
The group's goal is to raise $300,000 to build the Greenwood Lake Skatepark and to honor Dale Hirrel, a local teenager and skater who was killed in a car accident in April 2016.
The “Do It For Dale!” concert was the brainchild of Dale's classmate, Colleen O’Brien.
“Right from the beginning," O'Brien said, "everyone I approached wanted to help me in my goal of memorializing Dale and helping in making his dream of a skatepark in the town a reality.”
Ten bands, 250 people, one starry, starry nightMore than 10 local bands and artists donated their time and talent for the concert, held at the Thomas P. Morahan Waterfront Park at Greenwood Lake. The crowd, which included members of Dale Hirrel's family, was estimated at 250 people.
"There were several dedications made to Dale from his friends and family," O'Brien said, "reinforcing how much he is missed and how passionate they are to have the skatepark completed."
Greenwood Lake Mayor Jesse Dwyer opened the event with a speech in support of the project.
On sale during the concert were GWL branded T-shirts, wrist bands, car magnets and other products. In addition, there was food and drink donated by the local merchants and an auction for some custom painted skateboards from one of the local artists.
The evening concluded with friends and family of Dale releasing lanterns that floated off into the starry night.
Essential informationGWL Skatepark Corp. is a 501(c)(3) pending approval, and is dedicated to raising the estimated $300,000 required to build a concrete flow professions skatepark in Greenwood Lake.
The "Do It For Dale" Concert raised $7,000, bringing the total raised by the group since launching last month close to $10,000.
To learn more, visit www.gwlskatepark.com.