Democrat Patrick Davis accepts New Politics endorsement for Orange County Executive

| 03 Aug 2017 | 01:04

— Calling him a servant leader who will help rebuild the public’s trust in government, New Politics endorsed Democrat Patrick Davis in his bid to unseat the Republican incumbent, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus.
Founded in 2013, New Politics built its success by identifying national service alumni and military veterans to run for public office.
“Pat Davis comes from a background of service and sacrifice, and our political system needs more leaders like him, who have dedicated their lives in service to their country and community,” said Emily Cherniack, founder and executive director of New Politics. “At a time when the public’s trust in government is at an all-time low, servant leaders like Davis will help restore faith in our institutions by putting citizens first and holding government accountable.”
In 2014, New Politics supported five national service candidates in key state and federal races across the country. Three of those candidates won, including Congressman Seth Moulton’s win in Massachusetts’ Sixth Congressional District.
In 2016, New Politics supported 23 candidates in local, state and federal races across the country.
Two combat toursDavis and his wife Alexis, both Army veterans of the war in Iraq, live in Monroe, where they are raising their two young boys.
After meeting Alexis and graduating with honors from West Point, Patrick served two combat tours in Iraq for a total of 27 months.
“It’s an honor to have New Politics’ support,” Davis said in the press release detailing the announcement. “We need more leaders who will focus on governing and put people before politics, and that’s what this campaign is all about. If we’re going to pursue sustainable economic growth, improve the condition of our cities, support our agricultural industry and tackle the opioid crisis, we have to set aside divisive politics.”
'It's about leadership'In the press release, Davis added: “Our County Executive must have a well-rounded background to handle the vast responsibilities of the job: being a steward of $875 million in taxpayer money, providing critical services to the county’s 375,000 residents, and leading a large organization of public servants. It’s about leadership, not pay-to-play politics.
“Many of the solutions to the issues we face today are non-partisan, especially at the local level," he added. "I want to set the example, as a leader, and as a county, that we can come together to tackle problems from the bottom up. We can do that when we put people and community over party. Putting people first is bigger than party – and that should be the mission of government. If we can make people our priority and work together, we’ll all be better off for it.”
About New PoliticsAccording to its wen site, "New Politics is a bipartisan organization helping bring a new generation of leadership to politics by helping promising national service alumni and military veterans run for public office. We identify top talent, help them build a winning campaign infrastructure, and provide mentorship and support throughout their campaigns. In doing so, we are helping change the political landscape by bringing fresh, service-oriented perspectives to the political arena."
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