Chosun Taekwondo Academy teaches women’s self-defense to Rotary members

Warwick. The women of Warwick Valley Rotary learned a variety of techniques during this two-hour session.

| 20 Oct 2023 | 11:34

On Saturday, October 7, Master Patti Lurye and second-degree black belt Dr. David Dempster of the Chosun Taekwondo Academy, located at 60 Galloway Road, provided women of the Warwick Valley Rotary with a two-hour session focusing on skills in awareness and avoidance in conjunction with specialized martial arts techniques aimed at diffusing an unprovoked attack.

Reached for comment, Chosun owner and head instructor Grandmaster Doug Cook stated, “This event, hosted capably by Master Lurye and Dr. Dempster, represents a logical extension of our school’s philosophy emphasizing the self-defense aspects of taekwondo, the national martial art of Korea, rather than those limited to sport competition. We routinely address this component of taekwondo in our traditional curriculum and routinely offer our services, free of charge, to women’s groups or civic organizations as we did recently at United Nations headquarters.”

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