Calling all sewing enthusiasts

Warwick. Masks urgently needed in group homes for the disabled throughout Orange County.

| 22 Apr 2020 | 03:21

Sewing has been Marla Silbernagel’s hobby for many years. And when she learned that a stay at home quarantine was going to be a reality, she responded to a friend’s request to consider making masks needed to help combat the corona virus pandemic.

“I agreed without a second thought,” said Silbernagel.” It seemed liked the perfect time to move into action.”

Shortly after, she was contacted by a caregiver in a group home for the disabled who told her about the desperate need within that community for protection.

That would be a good cause and Silbernagel contacted several of her colleagues from the Warwick Valley Quilting guild and they also came on board.

Later Cindy Hopper from Sew-Cology in Wawick reached out to let her know that one of her sewing students, Grace McDonald, 14, had made some masks and they were ready for pick up.

“Grace’s workmanship is outstanding,” said Silbernagel. “It is great to see a younger person excelling at this hobby and giving to a community in such a desperate need.”

In the meantime, more people have joined the mask making task force.

“Because I work at St. Patrick’s in Highland Mills,” she said, “I am connected to many parish members there who make masks. In addition, people I know from my home parish of St. Stephen’s are also on board. These people, along with some members of the Warwick Valley Quilters’ Guild enable me to put about 75 to 100 mask every week into the hands of caregivers who distribute these masks where they are most needed within their communities. It is great to use this time to work in the service of others, particularly those who are in such need.”

To date the group has provided more than 500 masks for disabled people and caregiver staff in group homes throughout Orange County.

If you sew, Silbernagel suggests you use your talents for the service of those in need. And she will arrange to pick up the masks by calling or texting her at 845-258-8649.

The recommended pattern is at

- Roger Gavan