Apple Valley Pharmacy makes medication a treat for your pets

| 11 Sep 2013 | 01:55

WARWICK — Pharmacists at Apple Valley Pharmacy and veterinarians can work together to improve and maximize the therapeutic success and medication compliance of pets, exotics, wildlife and zoo animals. AnnMarie Cloutier, PharmD, owner and compounding pharmacist at Apple Valley Pharmacy, has earned a fellowship in veterinary pharmacy practice through the American College of Veterinary Pharmacy (ACVP).

Cloutier will now expand services offered at Apple Valley Pharmacy to veterinarians and their clients and patients to include compounded treats formulated by combining specific medications with organic fruit. During the non-sterile veterinary compounding sessions, Cloutier’s clinical veterinary compounding techniques were augmented through hands-on clinical workshops developed by the ACVP for primary animal dosage forms.

Some of the veterinary preparations currently compounded at Apple Valley Pharmacy include alternate dosage forms, creams, ointments and lotions, commercially unavailable medications, flavor specialization, sugar-free formulations, chewable flavored and medicated biscuits/treats, individualized concentrated doses and inhalation therapy.

The Aseptic Veterinary Compounding portion of the courses provided Cloutier and, in turn, the compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians at Apple Valley Pharmacy with proper techniques to compound sterile preparations for animal patients including injectables, intravenous solutions and eye drops.

The compounding lab at Apple Valley Pharmacy has been undergoing expansion since June, tripling its square footage, and includes a clean room from Terra Universal to introduce sterile compounding services to the community.

Also in attendance at the veterinary compounding courses and earning 15 hours of live continuing education was Joey Graziadio, pharmacy technician at Apple Valley Pharmacy.

“Making the treatment of diseases and disorders in animals easier and more efficient for veterinarians is a main priority in our compounding lab at Apple Valley,” said Graziadio. “This is our overall philosophy here at the pharmacy when we service all of our clients and patients whether they’re people or their pets.”

As a full service retail pharmacy and compounding lab, Apple Valley Pharmacy offers next day mailing to patients who are not within the immediate vicinity of Apple Valley Pharmacy. In the event that a prescription is needed after hours, Apple Valley also offers an Emergency Rx Service that alerts an on-call pharmacist via phone in order to fill the prescription.

In business since 2011, the Apple Valley Pharmacy pharmacists and pharmacy technicians focus on providing knowledgeable advice, taking time to work with customers to discuss their medical concerns, and finding alternative products and solutions that best address their needs.

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