'Another incredible financial year' for Valley View

| 03 Aug 2017 | 01:08

By Frances Ruth Harris
— Another year, another outstanding audit for Valley View, the county-owned nursing home.
Memories of the time, not long ago, when two county executives characterized the home as a hopeless budget drain, pushing its elimination as the only way to close a $60 million budget gap, are fading. A run of recent audits proves Valley View is a profitable institution, defying even the predictions of the home's most ardent supporters. In 2016, Valley View "produced an actual profit of over $7 million for the year," said Legislator Mike Anagnostakis, who chairs the legislative Health and Mental Health Committee. "In addition, it added over $20 million to its surplus, bringing that balance now on hand at the facility to $47 million."
The fund balance has accumulated over a number of years, said the auditors, Joseph F. Martello and Brian P. Lee, at the health committee's July meeting. They said expenses were flat. Other area nursing homes, they noted, are running large deficits.
Skilled management by Laurence LaDue, Valley View commissioner, continues to get credit for the turnaround, along with the home's staff.
Anagnostakis was the sole Republican legislator who stuck up for Valley View during the long, hard fight for its survival as a county institution.
“A lot of proprietaries would like to do what we’re doing," he said. "The county nursing home concluded another incredible financial year in 2016."
Valley View was helped in 2016 by a second intergovernmental transfer (IGT) Medicaid payment during the year.
"Even without the second IGT payment, the facility remained profitable — increasing slightly the profit it recorded in the previous year," said Anagnostakis. "Valley View continues to provide top quality care to our seniors, employs hard working individuals with a living wage, and makes a profit for the taxpayers of Orange County. I an thankful that the effort I led to save Valley View has paid off so well for everyone in Orange County! I call this a win-win-win, and congratulate all our staff at Valley View."
Editor's note: See letters of support from Anagnostakis and Legislator Myrna Kemnitz on page 12.
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