'A keen eye and a great sense of composition'

Warwick. Artist of the Week: Sadie Garrett, Warwick Valley High School

| 05 Feb 2020 | 05:20

Ninth-grade Artist of the Week Sadie Garrett has much to be proud of in the art world.

Her black and white photograph, entitled “Inner Gaze,” has not only won at the local PTA Reflections Fair, but is now moving on to the next level of competition.

“My interpretation is that in this photo, the eyes of the subject draw the viewer in and really highlight the theme of looking within oneself," Sadie said when asked about how she chose to interpret this year’s theme of “Look Within." "While the lighting was challenging because it was a particularly bright and sunny day, I made the shadow the main gray tone; the shadow ultimately became more detailed and ended up as the focus of the photograph.”

Sadie said she often does not have a formal plan for a photograph but relies more spontaneity. “I get influenced in the moment, as was the case with “Inner Gaze.”

Inspired by her mother, Sadie has fond memories of growing up surrounded by photos. “My mom actually had Shari Blauner as her art teacher, too. She had a darkroom in our house and has inspired me with a lot of really cool photographic memories.”

“Sadie Garret is the type of student one wishes to have in every class," Blauner said. "She's conscientious, bright and enthusiastic. She has a keen eye and a great sense of composition, which is exhibited in the photograph chosen as the winner by the local PTSA Reflections Committee. I can't wait to see Sadie's photographs in the future.”

After high school, Sadie said she would like to work as an EMT.

“I love black and white photography," she added, "and I know that the visual arts will always be a part of my life.”