A few words from the man behind the light show

| 12 Dec 2017 | 11:50

By Roger Gavan
FLORIDA — With more than 50,000 lights and music, no Town of Warwick home attracts more tourists at Christmastime than the home of Vincent Poloniak on Spanktown Road in the Village of Florida.
It takes Poloniak and a few friends about three weeks to complete the annual project. And the LED (light emitting diodes) lights, he now uses, are more expensive than traditional incandescent lights.
"Besides buying new decorations I had to replace 15,000 lights this year," said Poloniak.
That alone, resulted in an out of pocket expense of more than a few thousand dollars.
But he added, the energy-saving lights reduced the additional charges on his Orange and Rockland utility bill from more than $1,000 to less than $400.
Poloniak and his wife, Joan, now deceased, began decorating their home for Christmas back in 1973, when their daughter Paula was only five years old.
"It all started with a Santa we purchased in Newburgh," he recalled, "and then we would add to our decorations each year.
"But I got wild in the 1990s," he added, "and that developed into what you see today."
When asked how long he expected to be doing this, Poloniak answered: "I can't stop now. Too many people look forward to it. And I love seeing the children and how happy and surprised they are by the display."
He also doesn't expect to run out of new visitors.
"The children who came here years ago," he said, "now bring their children."