Local Drama Dragons protest Republican National Convention

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    NEW YORK CITY-The pink dragon from Warwick was among the hundreds of thousands of people who flocked to New York City on Sunday, Aug. 29, to protest the Republican National Convention. Members of the Drama Dragons agreed that the day was a success. The demonstration was peaceful, and police were helpful and respectful. Many of the demonstrators were creative and imaginative in their expression, Dragons said. Drama Dragons are an offshoot of Women in Black, who walk silently through the streets of Warwick on Sundays. According to Dragon Jan Howe, the name is based on the ancient Chinese practice of turning to the older, wiser women for advice. "The dragon is a Chinese symbol for truth, wisdom and healing," she said. Joining the dragon was Kathy Gordon of Goshen, who has created a dummy, similar to a ventriloquist's dummy, of President George Bush. Disguised as Vice President Dick Cheney, she greeted people, asked for votes and handed out "tax cut dollars." These bills, printed on green paper, show a picture of President Bush on one side and a list of actions the Dragons believe show his failures on the other. "Dick Cheney is the puppeteer who manipulates Bush, so I disguised myself as Cheney," she explained. While the members of the Drama Dragons might well have protested during the Republican convention under any circumstances, the humor and the creativity adds a dimension, they said. "Street theater was a way to express our frustration," said Dragon Donna Spector. "We wanted to creatively express our upset and anger." The New York protest march "was a great unifying feeling to gather people who share our feeling for the planet. There is a great feeling here, even the police are being respectful." Creativity is an important outlet for the dragons, and so is humor, said Roslyn Fassett. "The Drama Dragons has found a way to express their horror at the world situation. It is a serious but light hearted manner to condemn our attack on Iraq and on the world with the excuse of bringing them democracy." The street theater group also gives women an opportunity to exchange ideas and bring out the creative efforts in each other, she added. People who are not members of the Drama Dragons contributed Work on the dragon, she said. The rally shows that people are willing to walk in the heat to show the Republicans are not welcome in New York City, Fassett said. Caroline Chechen, for instance, is not a full group member, but participates in some actions with the Drama Dragons. "I work with Orange County Peace and Justice Coalition," she said. "I want Bush out, and I want us out of Iraq. I hope Kerry will move us back toward democracy, away from the direction we are headed now." As a good friend of Patricia and Marshall DeBruhl, she was happy to help out when the couple asked her to join in bringing the dragon to New York. While Drama Dragons is a women's group, the contingent at the protest march included several men. Marshall DeBruhl said the men help out in whatever ways they can. For instance, if they need someone to g