Libraries delay upgrade of computer system

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    WARWICK-Twenty first century technology is on the way to the Albert Wisner Library n but it won't be here next week. The library - along with the entire Ramapo-Catskill Library system - is upgrading to a new computer system called Horizon. Library staff has been training for several weeks to prepare for the switch-over, and on Thursday, Sept. 2, the library was scheduled to be closed to enable staff to make the smoothest transition. Problems incurred by a supplier will cause a temporary delay in implementing the system. The library will be open on Sept. 2 for normal services. Some advantages to the public will come from the upgrade to the Horizon system. More options will be available for searching for books, magazines, DVDs, etc. Access to the system for Spanish language users and those with disabilities will be enhanced. In the future, the new system will make possible such services as digital archives and electronic book downloading. Most of the changes to the computer system will be seen only by staff, with the look of the public computerized card catalog remaining almost the same. Bibliographies now stored in patrons' accounts will disappear. Wisner Librarian Rosemary Cooper said patrons should be sure to print them out or e-mail them to themselves. The old software, Dynix, is beding phased out and support will no longer be providced by the manufacturer. Ironically, the slogan for the computer transition is "Bear with Us." "We're happy to answer any questions and provide help," said Cooper, "and we're excited about the new system."