'Letters To Daddy: The Musical Key to Bully Free' premiers this week

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:36

This production, featuring 16 young actors and actresses from Orange County, is being offered to all elementary and middle schools New Windsor — “Letters To Daddy: The Musical Key to Bully Free,” a musical with a strong self-empowerment and self-esteem building messages premiered this week at SUNY Orange in Middletown. This production is presented by 4e Productions based in New Windsor and is being offered to all elementary and middle schools throughout Orange County to help students understand how positive choices can impact their lives and the lives of those around them. The show’s cast is made up 16 gifted children ranging in age from nine to 14 who are all local students from Orange County. Last week, the performers visited the studios of 8 Hats High Animation and Production, Inc. for a photo shoot and recording session; the cast are being featured in a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the musical being produced by 8 Hats. According to the press release about the production. “'Letters to Daddy’ seeks to empower children, build self-esteem and allow them to relate to their peers. Ultimately, the mission is to enable children to be consciously aware that they have choices, and that their choices, thoughts and actions impact others. Most importantly, 'Letters to Daddy’ is a proactive, peer-to-peer, solution-based approach to common challenges. It encourages individuals to work together through challenging issues.” “The cast of 'Letters to Daddy’ is an amazing bunch and a great pleasure to work with,” associate producer Sonha Bowen said in the press release. “They displayed great professionalism, and you can see and feel how passionate they are for the role they are playing in spreading the message about such important topics that affect many. Being able to be a part of this process is not only an experience in itself, but a rewarding one.” Recently, the vocal talents of several cast members were showcased at the annual Cheese Festival held in Monroe, where two of the show’s principal characters earned top honors in the “Monroe Idol” competition. Sarah Kyles of Highland Mills came in first for the teenage category and Briana Bene’-Espinal of New Windsor won the 6-12 age group while Kyles’ younger sister, Alexa Rae, another cast member, was a runner-up. About the production company 4e Production, LLC is a multimedia production company that balances entertainment with education to create original programs that address universal social issues, strengthen character and encourage conscious life choices. In addition, the company is engaged in branding, licensing, and merchandising of a wide range of multimedia products that reinforce these values-based messages. The company name of “4e” was carefully chosen to encapsulate the company’s core purpose to: “Enlighten, Empower & Enrich Everyone.” 4e Productions and its mission have been endorsed by Orange County Executive Ed Diana, and have received support from many community organizations such as The Youth Bureau, The Department of Social Services, System of Care and others.