Lecture prepared the way for the High Holy days

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    MONROE-Chabad of Orange County offered an evening on how to prepare for the Jewish High Holy Days, and gain deeper insight into its meaning. Over 30 adults from throughout the county attended the lecture, entitled “Happy New You, ” led by scholar and lecturer Rabbi Eli Silberstein of Ithaca, at the home of Eliot and Shari Meshulam of Monroe. Silberstein explained that for each Jewish holy day, an “extra dose” of divine energy provides the opportunity for the individual to deepen his/her relationship with G-d. Although many Jews associate the “Days of Judgment” with fear, Silberstein explained that while the days are, indeed, days of judgment, the individual should focus primarily on the opportunity to fortify his/her relationship with G-d, and feel joy that he/she has the opportunity to do so. He encouraged each individual to create a vessel for blessings for the New Year by giving extra charity, increasing prayer, and making positive resolutions. The event was sponsored in part by Mitch and Gladys Wenzel of Monroe. For more information, call 782-2770, or write Rabbi@ChabadOrange.com, or visit www.ChabadOrange.com.