Judge Kiedasch protects ‘those unable to do so for themselves'

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:57

    To the editor: I take great pleasure in supporting the re-election of Orange County Family Court Judge, Debra Kiedasch. Since recently moving both my practice and family from N.Y.C. to Monroe, I have become impressed with her as a skilled jurist. Amongst lawyers, she ranks high as a fair judge who takes the time to listen to both sides; to the Appeals Court, she has a nearly infallible knowledge of the law; but most of all, her reputation amongst families is that she is both compassionate and firm in safeguarding the interests of the children and/or the victims in their families. Moreover, due to her extensive service in the area of domestic violence, she has recently been appointed acting Supreme Court Justice over the Integrated Domestic Violence Part, which is scheduled to open in a few days. During my practice in New York City, I have experienced a wide variety of judges and their demeanors, but what impressed me most about Judge Kiedasch is that even after the 25,000 cases brought before her as a Family Court judge, she wisely continues to recognize that there is a human side to each person involved in the action, which must be acknowledged, especially for the benefit of the children. Regardless of which side prevails, the potential emotional damage that often results is greatly reduced by a judicial temperament that encourages the parties involved to use her decision as a new beginning, where they may be able to rebuild. There is no substitute for experience. In Family Court, her experience has provided the innocent and abused a place where their voices can be heard and where justice can be served. I ask that you all join me in re-electing Judge Debra Kiedasch as Family Court Judge of Orange County, so that she may continue to help serve and protect those who are unable to do so for themselves. Sincerely, Maria S. Vazquez-Doles, Esq. Monroe