Good fences make good neighbors

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:30

    Warwick — Two residents from the Onderdonk Road section of town attended the regular meeting of the town board on Sep. 22 at Town Hall to register a complaint about a canine they claim has been roaming their neighborhood since April. They asked the board to consider increasing the fine for having a dog off leash. “The fine is too low,” said Christina Cytrynowicz, who wants dog owners held more accountable for their pets. The fine is $25 for the first offense and increases by $25 for repeated offenses. According to Cytrynowicz, her neighbors’ Doberman Pinscher has growled at her, behavior she claimed the dog’s owners dismissed as innocent play. The couple came to Town Hall because they have been unable to resolve the problem with their neighbors directly and since have erected a fence to keep the menacing dog off their property. Town of Warwick Supervisor Michael Sweeton said he would speak with animal control officers in response to the complaint. In other news The governor has granted Warwick School District residents affected by the recent storms a 21-day penalty and interest free extension to pay their school district taxes by Oct. 21. Residents with questions about the reprieve should contact Brenda Faulls at 986-1125 ext. 249. The board reminded residents to “watch out” for potholes and around temporary repairs from recent storms, which will remain in place until springtime when weather will permit permanent repairs. The next court date for the lawsuit seeking repeal of the MTA payroll tax is Oct. 12 at 9:30 am at the Supreme Court in Nassau County; the MTA wanted the case moved to Albany. The lawsuit, joined by a dozen towns and villages in Orange County including Warwick, argues that the tax violates the state constitution. A FEMA office is now open and located at the New Hampton Fire Department, 5024 Route 17M. Doe permits are still available until Oct. 6 after which any leftover permits will become available beginning Nov. 1 The board scheduled a public hearing for Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall to acquire two properties for back taxes. A one acre parcel adjacent to the Bellvale Water District would cost the water district $5,000 and a 10.3 acre parcel adjacent to Cascade Lake Park would cost the park’s fund $1,500. Town residents seeking to make shoreline repairs during the Greenwood Lake drawdown in October can obtain the form at the building department. Residents of Greenwood Lake can obtain the form at their village building department. In August, the community preservation fund (CPF) took in $39,991.98 This year’s beach season was the most successful to date, bringing in a total of $26,127 During the month of August, police responded 241 calls from Greenwood Lake, 988 from town, 342 from Pine Island, and 854 from the Village of Warwick for a total of 2,425 calls for assistance. The board appointed Vlachos Eustrates as part-time Dial-A-Bus driver at a rate of pay of $13.75 per hour. The board recognized the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce’s 50th anniversary. Since 1961 the not-for-profit “has done so much to promote that area and the wider town,” said Sweeton.