From Supervisor Michael P. Sweeton's desk:

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:47

    WARWICK-Anyone who has experienced damage to their homes from the recent flooding is asked to call my office at 986-1120 x 240 so we can compile a list for NYS Emergency Management and FEMA personnel. This will help authorities assess the damage and determine the level of assistance they can provide. Please call as soon as possible. I would also like to thank the Bruderhoff Community for offering assistance to flood victims. If you need help with clean up, please call Tim Clement of the Bruderhoff Community at 572-3400. Thanks again to all the emergency service personnel and municipal workers who worked around the clock to keep us safe. • The Warwick Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a roadside clean up on Saturday, April 16. You can join chamber members at the Caboose on South Street in the Village of Warwick or organize a pick up on your own road. The chamber will supply the bags and, if you register, DPW will pick-up and dispose of the trash. Call the chamber at 986-2720 to register.