Fratello ItalianRestaurant expands to accommodate private parties and special events

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:19

Warwick — At a time and in an economy when many business owners are just happy to survive, Fratello Family Style Italian Restaurant & Bar at 22 Spring St. is nearing completion of a major expansion. Of course, it helps that owners Joe Boccia and Mike Darcey have the necessary skills to provide most of the labor. And it also helps that the construction, which should be completed in a few weeks, will fill a need by offering patrons an indoor bi-level area that can be available for private functions on weekends without disturbing the normal operation of the busy restaurant and bar. The new room will accommodate 65 guests and, in warm weather, offer easy access to the restaurant’s popular outdoor patio through huge sliding glass doors. “We had to turn down 57 private parties last year,” said Darcey. “We’ve already booked 20 for this year.” In English the Italian word, “Fratello,” means brother and for Boccia, Darcey, and real estate investor Jim Kelly, it represents the bond they share as retired New York City firefighters. On Jan. 11, the partners, who are all longtime Warwick residents, celebrated their fourth business anniversary. The restaurant is now in its fifth year of operation. The food can best be described as “Old School Italian” with specialties from various regions throughout Italy. Chef Larry Klein, a 30 plus-year veteran of Italian food preparation, specializes in traditional favorites. Pizza chef Nicola Lombardo draws from more than 30 years of experience to serve brick oven pizza. And in addition to individual servings, Fratello also offers platters served family style. For more information, call 986-7898.