Former town clerk supports Quackenbush

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:57

    To the editor: When I learned that Meg Lawrence Quackenbush was planning to seek the endorsement for the position of Town Clerk in Warwick, I was delighted and pleased that I might be able to recommend her to the voters. My 18 years experience as your Town Clerk has made me realize what attributes are necessary to serve in that position. I have known Meg Quackenbush all her life and feel that she is ambitious, intelligent, willing, truthful and has a friendly pleasing personality that is important when dealing with the public. Meg has lived her entire life in Warwick and spent 28 years working at International Paper in Sterling Forest. Although I have been away from Warwick for many years, I have keep aware of the many changes and activities in the town. I heartily recommend Meg Quackenbush for your vote in November. Most sincerely, Mildred L. Stewart Fullerton, California