Firefighters battle two house fires in three days

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:47

    WARWICK-Pine Island firefighters extinguished a raging fire in a second floor room of a home on Chardavoyne Road on Friday, April 15. The fire had spread to the attic area above but was quickly knocked down by the aggressive efforts of the firefighters. The fire was started by a heat lamp that was being used to warm a pet's cage. Quick action by the resident saved two iguanas that had been in the cage, as well as a rabbit and several cats that were elsewhere in the house. The Pine Island Fire Department was assisted by Warwick and Florida firefighters. Another fire broke out just before noon on Sunday, April 17, in the first floor utility room of a home on Mountainside Road. On arrival, Warwick firefighters were confronted with several fire conditions threatening a fuel oil tank and a propane tank. The fire spread quickly through the walls to the second floor and roof, requiring extensive firefighting operations to contain the blaze. The Warwick Fire Department was assisted by many other fire companies from around the area. A Warwick firefighter suffered a minor injury due to a fall. He was transported by the Warwick Volunteer Ambulance Corps to St. Anthony Community Hospital where he was treated and released. The cause of the fire has not been determined. This dispatch was contributed by Thom Cronin, the Warwick Fire Department secretary.