Eagle Scout candidate restores Veterans Memorial Park Monument garden

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:15

Jared Olson and Troop 45 look to protect memorial that’s been battered by bad weather Warwick — Troop 45 Scout Jared Olson wanted to do something for Warwick’s veterans when he decided on his Eagle Project. “Besides a bit of brainstorming on my own,” he said, “I went to our Committee Chairman Clayton Eurich and asked him if the veterans had any projects that needed to get done. I appreciate what they have done for our country and what they still do for our community.” Eurich referred Olson to Joe Lawler, a member of American Legion Post 214 who maintains the garden around the monument in Veterans Memorial Park. Every year, mulch as well as more than a few plants are washed away and destroyed by heavy rains. Lawler suggested the monument’s garden could use some sort of drainage system and barrier to prevent much of the damage that occurs during these storms. Olson decided to dig a trench approximately three feet deep around the monument, fill it with two inches of drainage rock and lay a drainage pipe in the trench. Contributions from many quarters The water would then be collected and moved across the road in an underground pipe to the nearby pond. He and his fellow helpers from Boy Scout Troop 45 filled the remainder of the trench with rock, landscaping fabric and sand. They also placed pavers, which would act as a minor barrier against small currents of water, around the monument. Finally the weathered monument was power washed and fresh mulch was spread just in time for Veterans’ Day. Olson’s Eagle Scout project was funded with donations from the American Legion Post 214 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4662. The Village of Warwick Department of Public Works provided supplies and Lowe’s of Chester gave a 50 per cent discount on materials as well as free shipping. Frank’s Pizza of Warwick donated 10 large pies to the workers and Pro Tool Warehouse of Goshen provided shovels, tampers, work gloves, traffic cones and reflective vests for the crew. “When the time came for me to start looking for ideas for my Eagle Project,” said Olson, “I knew that I wanted to help the veterans. Their commitment to our country, its principles, and ideals, are characteristics that I believe everyone should strive to emulate.” Olson is the son of Kevin and Alice Olson. - Roger Gavan