Eagle Scout candidate builds shorter path to the library for nearby residents

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:05

Warwick — It’s only 100 feet long but it saves residents of Creekside Apartments from a long walk to the new Albert Wisner Library. Peter Wajda, a Life Scout with Troop 45 in Warwick and a sophomore at John S. Burke Catholic High School, literally paved the way when he recently completed work on his Eagle Scout Project. Wajda led and worked alongside a team of more than 30 scouts over the course of four workdays to build a footpath between the apartment complex on Campsite Way and the library on McFarland Drive. The path substantially reduces the walking distance to the library and the improved accessibility allows the library to provide more services including video as well as book rentals for the nearby residents. And thanks to a donation by the Albert Wisner Public Library Foundation, solar lighting illuminates the path. Wajda explained that he chose this project not only because of the benefit it would bring to the community, but also because of his keen interest in large-scale urban architecture and structural engineering. The chance to learn and gain real world experience in design and civil engineering made his Eagle project appealing. And Wajda especially enjoyed learning to read site plans and survey, something David Getz, principal partner at Lehman and Getz Consulting Engineers in Warwick taught him to do. “Many people in the community generously gave their time and shared their talents and resources,” said Wajda, “and I am tremendously grateful. A scout has to work hard, but it wouldn’t have been possible to accomplish all that I did without the support so many other community leaders.” The feedback Peter has received so far from the Creekside residents has been very positive. “This saves us a lot of steps,” said Creekside resident Rita Turi. “And the older people are especially grateful.” During the scout workdays, several of the residents, some offering popsicles and cookies, made a point to stop by and thank the hardworking scouts. One of Wajda’s biggest supporters was Turi, a former teacher at Burke. During the project they were surprised and pleased to discover their connection. “Becoming an Eagle Scout is exciting,” said Wajda, “but I met so many wonderful people while doing this and that’s important too.”