Disposal fees waived for hurricane debris

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:05

GOSHEN — Orange County residents can get rid of their disaster debris for free at the county's three Orange County solid waste transfer stations in New Hampton, Newburgh, and Port Jervis on Friday, Sept. 2, and Saturday, Sept. 3. Fees for regular household garbage will not be waived. Disaster debris may be brought to the transfer stations by municipal vehicles, contracted vendors of municipalities, and private vehicles. The waste must be separated into the following categories: Metals and appliances, including water heaters, furnaces, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers Mixed debris, including carpets, rugs, bedding, decorations, clothing, and wood furniture Wood products, including trees, branches, stumps, pallets and unadulterated lumber may be brought to Wessels’ Farms, located at 94 Bull Road, Otisville at no charge. Call Wessels at 386-5681 or visit www.wesselsfarm.net. Deputy County Executive James O’Donnell is asking residents to retain their household hazardous waste in a safe and secure container until Friday, Sept. 16, when it will be collected at a location yet to be announced. Registration is required, and there will be no charge for municipalities and schools for this collection. For more information, call Peter Hammond, the county's deputy commissioner of environmental facilities and services, at 291-2640, or visit www.orangecountygov.com.