CUNY classes to provide architectural plan for town beach

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    WARWICK—Four architectural and planning classes at the New York College of Technology, part of the City University of New York, will be vying to create the best design plan for the town's beach on Greenwood Lake. Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton said professors from CUNY visited the site and went back to their students with the details. "The professors had their initial visit and went back to the students to lay out the project," Sweeton said. "Now, as part of their class, the students have to come up with sketches and plans for what we have requested." Sweeton said the school has been involved in projects like this before. "What is really interesting to me is that in other projects the students have been involved with, they have been able to get grant funding for them," Sweeton said. Just what might be built on the site that was purchased using PDR funds two years ago? There is a group of people who would like to see a community center built, something that can be used year-round for recreational activities. Also discussed are walkways connecting the beach to the business district in the village. Barbara Moore, a former trustee in the Village of Greenwood Lake who is involved in the project, said the preliminary renderings for the beach should be available sometime in April. The final drawings will be in by June. "The students are extremely excited about the project," Moore said. "They are already in the planning stages." There are about 90 students involved in this project. Sweeton also wants residents of the Town of Warwick to give their input as well. "We will have the renderings on display during the beach season," he said. "I want to get as much input as possible from residents to see what they want there." Both Moore and Sweeton want those who make the semi-final cut to come up and visit the site between April and June. There might also be some prize money in it for the winning class if Sweeton has his way. "I'd like to offer some prize money for the winning t