Comprehensive Plan-Zoning committee to look at Red Swann Inn

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    Warwick-Last month, the Village Board created a committee to identify conflicts between the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan and its zoning laws. This week, the board extended that charge to include a comparison of the petition of the Red Swann Inn with zoning as well. Principles of the Red Swann Inn have applied to the village to create a new zone, enabling them to build the inn on the former Welling property on Route 94 near Walsh's Restaurant. "The idea of this committee is not to try and create anything," said deputy mayor Roger Metzger. "We will see if and where zoning doesn't conform to the Comprehensive Plan. We want to just identify possible conflicts." After that, it will be up to a professional planner and the Village Board to make recommendations and the necessary changes to zoning, bringing it in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan. A public hearing would be held as well. The committee is made up of two members of the Village Board, two members of the Planning Board, and two community volunteers. Former trustee Bill Olsen, one of the builders of this Comprehensive Plan, has volunteered for the committee. The board is still looking for one more volunteer. "We will complete this in three months," said Metzger. "We hope to have our first meeting in September and be done in November." Meetings will be held on Wednesdays, with lots of homework, Metzger noted. Village attorney Michael Meth suggested the committee take this second charge, reviewing the application and Comprehensive Plan to see if the petition should come before the board for a rezoning. He noted that the Planning Board already sent the Red Swann application to the Village Board for its opinion. Now, Meth said, this committee should review the two to make sure they are consistent. The Comprehensive Plan was adopted in February by the board. It was the culmination of five years of work, begun with the Central Place Strategy. The Comprehensive Plan includes keeping the village walkable and viable. It includes partnering with the town on the annexation policy and protecting the economic and social vitality of the village. It also includes keeping the village's charm and character in a rural setting.