Stretch Artists cut ribbon for new business

Their therapeutic bodywork engages with soft connective tissue. Founders Ann Fitzpatrick and Lisa Esposito have backgrounds in fitness and health.

| 07 Jun 2022 | 11:47

The Stretch Artists, who do what they call “assisted fascial stretch therapy,” have opened a studio in the Village of Warwick. Fascial stretching is the stretching out of the connective soft fibrous tissue sheathing the muscles and organs of the body to eliminate pain and improve flexibility and performance, explain the founders.

They are owner Ann Fitzpatrick, RN, MS, a nurse long involved with yoga and fitness, and Lisa Esposito, who, in addition to her fascial stretching certification, is an experienced personal fitness trainer.

They explain that fascial stretching is a research and evidence based therapy practiced on a massage table with a trained stretching professional. Wearing yoga or gym clothes, the client is first assessed by the practitioner to identify problem areas to be addressed as well as to understand the client’s goals. Based on their assessment, the practitioner then applies manual traction to decompress the joints, moving slowly to allow the fascia to release and lengthen.

The Stretch Artists studio is centrally located in the rear at 7 West Street in Warwick and open seven days a week. Appointments may be booked through the web site,