Nourish Your Mind opens third office in county

| 12 Nov 2019 | 02:28

Nourish Your Mind integrative mental health practice, with offices in Warwick and Monroe, has now opened an office in Middletown.

Owner Jessica Sullivan recognizes the need for whole-person wellness care to address emotional, psychological, physical and lifestyle needs.

The Nourish Your Mind specialists work with those with anxiety and panic disorders, depression, eating disorders, emotional stress related to chronic illness and chronic pain, grief and loss, phobias, life transitions, trauma and mood disorders, as well as physical disorders, including digestive disease, autoimmune conditions and chronic conditions.

“As a doctor of physical therapy, I recognize the importance of mental health in addition to the physical health needs of my clients,” said Dr. John DeNoyelles of Move Physio. “Nourish Your Mind fulfills a much-needed role by providing this community with an essential component to overall health. Move Physio’s collaboration with Nourish Your Mind has helped many patients on their path to recovery in overcoming obstacles they once thought were too big.”

The new Middletown office has three private session rooms and a therapeutic yoga space, which will also be used to host workshops, classes and group meditation sessions, all providing a safe, positive and healing environment for clients and clinicians to connect and engage in therapeutic growth.

With the expansion of the third office, there will be four new clinicians who will join the current 11 providers at the Monroe and Warwick offices.

“Nourish Your Mind has been an asset to my practice as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, providing the collaborative spirit that is required to provide comprehensive mental health care,” said Maryann Ryan, psychiatric nurse practitioner at PsychRXSolutions in Warwick.

“At Nourish Your Mind, supporting our clients on their journey to find balance is always our top priority,” said Sullivan. “The new offices in Middletown. along with our first two locations, represent our commitment to providing exceptional quality mental health services to our communities, establishing a safe space and a truly genuine connection with clients, their families and our own clinicians.”

Nourish Your Mind offices are at 360 Route 17M, Suite 4, Monroe; 2 Overlook Drive, Suite 2, Warwick; and 236 Crystal Run Road, Suite 5, Middletown. For details, go to, email or find them on Facebook and Instagram.