Nourish Your Mind celebrates first anniversary

Warwick. Business provides mental health and mind-body nutrition services.

| 29 Apr 2020 | 10:38

What a difference a month makes.

Business anniversaries and grand openings were a common occurrence earlier this year.

But business owners, especially those involved in health care, were aware of the problems that lie ahead.

For example, on Friday, March 6, at a time when local businesses had normal hours, Mayor Michael Newhard and members of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce joined Founder and CEO Jessica Sullivan, her husband, Dr. Justin Sullivan, staff and associates to celebrate the first anniversary of Nourish Your Mind at 2 Overlook Drive in the Village of Warwick.

Nourish Your Mind provides mental health and mind-bodynNutrition services in the Hudson Valley area. Its mission is to provide hope, help and healing to those in need through a unique and integrative approach to emotional and physical wellness.

Jessica Sullivan explained that Nourish Your Mind aims to take the stigma out of mental health care and advocate for a movement of self-care. Methods are focused on support and partnership, guiding a proactive approach to managing stress with efficiency and grace.

“As we continue to move through these uncharted waters,” she said, “we want to assure you that the quality of care at Nourish Your Mind remains consistent. We understand how anxiety-provoking this time can be and maintain the stance that mental health care needs to be more accessible than ever. As a community, during times like this, we all shine our brightest by supporting one another. In order to do that gracefully, we must first all prioritize our own self-care and emotional wellness.”

Nourish Your Mind offers counseling and psychotherapy, mind-body nutrition, dialectical behavior therapy, eating disorder treatment, group psychotherapy, educational classes and workshops.

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- Roger Gavan