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Dave Kozuha knows all about how and where to get all kinds of coffees--organic.

| 25 Jan 2022 | 10:14

In the wine business, sommeliers offer guidance to diners seeking a good bottle of wine to complement their roast or salmon. In the champagne region of France, the cellarmaster (like his famous ancestor monk, Dom Perigon) combines wines from different crus to create, subject to nature’s annual diversity, the best champagne, since no two blends are ever the same. And in the coffee business, it’s Greenwood Lake Roaster’s David Kozuha, a licensed Q Arabica Grader, who determines what goes into making a great cup of coffee.

Kozuha is a specialist in evaluating and grading Arabica coffee beans, one of the finest beans grown in the major coffee regions of the world, which includes Central and South America, Africa, and Southern and Southeast Asia. He is a certified organoleptic coffee judge and he regularly consults with dozens of farmers growing coffee beans in the equatorial region that lies between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. He is familiar with hundreds of varietal beans from farms in Ethiopia (original home to the coffee bean) alone and knows a thing or two about coffee.

“I evaluate coffee beans from all around the world, based upon the type of coffee I want to make. For example, do I want to make a blend that has more chocolatey notes, or more fruity notes, or floral notes, or more nutty notes?” said Kozuha. “I make sure that I have coffee beans available to me that will reveal the flavors, body, and aromas that will define that particular blend. Coffee beans prefer volcanic soil and higher elevations with warm, stable climates, and predictable rainfall.”

Greenwood Lake Roasters is 100% organic certified and every coffee they import must meet minimum standards of grading and certification. Even storage of the beans is critical. While most coffee beans are shipped in burlap sacs, Kosuha requires that farmers export their beans in hermetically sealed GrainPro® bags, which are then placed into burlap. This protects the beans from absorbing off flavors, humidity, and potentially harmful influences during shipping.

What began as a serious hobby for both Dave and his wife, Yolanda, five years ago and made them quit their corporate jobs, has turned into a brisk business that orders thousands of pounds of coffee beans per week and serves customers a wide variety of coffee styles, prepackaged varietal coffee beans for grinding at home, and great advice for the serious coffee aficionado.

The building is also an official Pokemon stop, and the exterior mural covering the shop was created by artist Chris Van Vooren, a former resident. Consumers will also be able to find Greenwood Lake Roasters coffee at the Lakeside Farmers Market in Greenwood Lake this summer. To learn more about Greenwood Lake Roasters, located at the intersection of Route 17A and Windermere Ave. in the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY, click on


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